In order to maintain Sunbrella® fabrics, other specialty fabrics and finished products, BVZ Asia® also carries selected 303 Care & Cleaning Products to ensure effective cleaning, unsurpassed protection, and ease of use.

Available : 303® Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner, 303® Patio Furniture Protectant, 303® Patio Furniture Cleaner, 303®  Fabric and Vinyl Cleaner and 303® High Tech Fabric Guard


303® Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner (NEW!) 

 303® Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner offers superior protection against harmful UV rays. This product safely cleans and protects against yellowing and cracking of vinyl like Strataglass, leaving a non-streaking finish.

Available in: 16 oz and 32 oz Trigger Spray Bottle

Download more information on this new 303 product here.

303® Patio Furniture Protectant

303® Patio Furniture Protectant(PFP) is the world's most powerful UV screening product. 303 PFP leaves an enduring repellant finish that rejects soiling, sweat, body oils and atmospheric contaminants. It is safe and effective on teak and all plastics, polyethylene, vinyl and clear vinyl, fiberglass, epoxy and other composite resins, powder-coated metal and stainless steel. Non-toxic and non-flammable, the product should be re-applied every six to eight weeks for maximum UV protection and repellency!   

Note: Not for use on textiles (canvas, upholster, carpet), unfinished leathers or floors.

Available in: 16 oz Trigger Spray Bottle

303® Patio Furniture Cleaner
® Patio Furniture Cleaner utilizes a proprietary blend of sequester agents, surfactants and hyper-wetting agents to lift and suspend surface contaminants that are easily wiped or rinsed away. 303 PFC is particularly effective on oil, grease and environmental contaminants. This product is safe to use full strength or diluted in water on any water-safe surface. The cleaning action of this product increases with warm water, agitation and longer dwell time. Non-toxic and biodegrable, the 303 PFC is the best outdoor furniture cleaner* there is!

Available in: 16 oz Trigger Spray Bottle

* Patio and Hearth Magazine (Nov/Dec 2007) touted the 303® line of Patio Furniture Care Products as 'The Best Protection for Outdoor Furniture.'

303®Fabric and Vinyl Cleaner
Non-toxic, biodegradable and rinses residue free, you can use the 303® Fabric and Vinyl Cleaner straight or diluted for removing spots, dilute even further for general cleaning. It contains no soaps, detergents or solvents. 303 Fabric and Vinyl Cleaner is your BEST choice for cleaning indoor and outdoor fabrics, upholstery, carpeting and vinyl.

Available in: 32 oz Trigger Spray Bottle and One Gallon Refill Can

303® High Tech Fabric Guard

Safe for the finest fabrics, wool, silk, leather and suede, 303 High Tech Fabric Guard helps resist soiling, impedes mildew growth, and helps protect against the sun's UV rays. On outdoor fabrics, it restores loss in water and stain repellency  to factory new levels. It extends the life of your fabrics and is easy to use!

Available in: 16 oz Trigger Spray Bottle, 32 oz Trigger Spray Bottle and One Gallon Refill Can

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